Alright, I finished the Ginny Cardigan.  Added all the buttons, sewed in all the ends, washed it and blocked it. Finished!  I hand wash all my hand knit sweaters in a large bowl in my slop sink.  That first wash is always scary.  I’m never quite sure how it’s going to go.  You can take steps to try to work out any surprises, like washing the gauge swatch but it’s not fool proof.  For instance, I knit Brooklyn Tweed’s Fuse Cardigan in a super wash yarn and after it’s first wash the sleeves grew about six inches.  I tested the swatch before hand and everything was fine.  So now I have to decide if I can live with long sleeves or if I want to pick the last 6 inches out and re-knit the cuffs.  The growth in the rest of the sweater makes it drape really well.

2013-09-30 19.15.50  2013-10-01 12.19.21  2013-09-30 19.15.56Luckily, the Ginny sweater didn’t grow a huge amount but it was still a scary wash.  The second it hit the soapy water the dye ran like crazy.  There is a sweater in that first picture.  The dye ran so much the water looked black.  It took four rinses to get the water to come clear.  I’m really glad I didn’t wash it in a batch with anything else. Then I stretched it out and waited for it to dry.  Wow, it took forever to dry.  It’s not even a very big sweater but that yarn just sucked up the water and wouldn’t let it go.  But now it’s finished and it won’t turn me or my clothes blue.

So, now it’s time for a new project.  I can’t seem to make myself work on the ruffled hat.  Instead I started the Argentiere Pullover from Knitty’s winter 2012 issue.  I’ve been wanting to knit this since the pattern came out.  It is one of those patterns that just call my name.  The pattern  uses an absurd amount of really expensive yarn, 3400 yards of sport weight cashmere held double.  It’s like a $500 sweater.  So I did the math for a yarn substitution  and waited for a good yarn sale.  I’m knitting  it in a heavy worsted wool/acrylic yarn.  The yarn is great.  It is a white with black tweed.  I’m really excited, I’ve got about 8 inches done and the sweater is going to be beautiful and washable.