Ruffled hat of awesomeness

Ruffled hat of awesomeness


2013-10-28 11.25.42-2

Hanu modeling.

I got a couple things off the the needles and off my bobbins.  I finally finished the ruffled hat of doom or awesomeness, depending on how I’m feeling about it.  It seems to fit anywhere from a three year old to a seven year old.  I’m not sure how that happened.  The gauge is not quite what I thought it was.  I’m sure I can work out the stitches per inch but the ruffles are making it very difficult to find the rows per inch.  When I try to do it off the inside of the hat all those purl bumps make my brain turn to mush.  I think I’m going to take it to the lys and ask for help.  I have to go to get some Kidsilk Haze for a second go at the hat anyway.  I’m going to write out the pattern and try to knit a different size.  I’m really glad the yarn I used was good and sturdy.  I think I pulled the hat out at least four times.  I also plyed and set some handspun.  The black Merino, a white Polwarth blend and a re-ply of a commercial yarn are all finished and skeined.

2013-10-29 13.35.38-2

Fingering weight, chain plyed merino

On the needles, I have the Argentiere pullover and the Narcissa Socks from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits.  I really love that magazine.  There are two more patterns I want to start right away and several farther down the knitting queue.  I don’t know what it is but I’ve been really fighting the urge to cast on a ton of projects.  I have startitis.  Usually, I’m really good about keeping WIPs to a minimum.  I’ll have a big project, a small project and one spinning project going at a time.  I feel like that is pretty reasonable.  I finish everything in a timely manner and don’t create to much mess with yarn all over the house.  But right now I want to cast on every cute pattern I see.  On top of that, I have a couple new pattern ideas rattling around in my head, begging to be started.  I must resist the urge to cast on at least until I have the front and back of the pullover done.

I’m pretty sure all the awesome fiber festivals have contributed to my case of startitis.  I went to the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo.  It was a good time as usual.  I got some fiber and yarn from one of my favorite booths, Fiberstory.  I picked up a skein of Fave in a new colorway called Mythic.  The dark color with a variety of subtle undertones is perfect for the Narcissa socks.  I also picked of some sock yarn from North Cabin Fiber crafts and a kit for a Kusha Kusha scarf.  So much yarn, so many beautiful patterns and no where near enough time.

2013-10-29 14.10.33

My haul from the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo

P.S.  Here is the back of my Ginny Cardigan.

2013-10-11 16.06.52