It’s time for us to put the old year behind us and look forward to all the possibilities 2014 might bring. I’m excited about this year. I’ve got a good feeling about it.  The 18 inches of snow and ridiculously low temperatures have given me a bit of time to think about what I want to accomplish this year.

There are a couple of big projects this year that I’m pretty excited about.  My husband and I are going to finish the third bedroom and I can’t wait to start on it.  The walls were originally covered in pretty terrible wallpaper.  It was textured to look like stucco but felt like foam.  We pulled the it down to discover wood paneling behind it.  Instead of pulling it down, we decided on painting it.  I’ve seen some really cute rooms with painted paneling.  I want to paint most of it a neutral and some of the slats in an accent color but I haven’t decided on a scheme yet.

We are going to put in a decent sized vegetable garden.  I want to work up to growing almost all of the produce we need.  We live in a pretty developed area so I don’t have the space to grow everything but I’m going to shoot for 75%.  I live in Michigan so I have a few months to wait on this one.

I also have a couple of knitting related goals, like knit from my stash and don’t buy yarn unless I have a project in mind but I know those will last about two months.  I’m going to continue trying to write a design a month.  The holidays interrupted that.  I only have the ruffled hat finished but there are a bunch of ideas buzzing around my head.  I’m also going to make a point knit with my handspun.  I cast on my first project last night.  I’m knitting the Sword of Gryffindor Mitts from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine.  The yarn I’m using is chain plied BFL from Mountain Colors.  I spun the single on a drop spindle and plied on my wheel.

Sword of Gryffindor Mitts in mostly sport weight handspun

Sword of Gryffindor Mitts in mostly sport weight handspun

The end of 2013 was great but insanely busy.  Hopefully, the holidays next year will be more relaxed.  Somehow, I doubt it will be, but a girl can dream.

P.S.  This is the super awesome top my husband got me for Christmas.  FiberArtemis on Etsy does some really beautiful colors.

2014-01-07 15.17.37

The colors in this make me think of Starry Night or the orchids my mom used to grow.